Valentine’s day gifts

Give a unique gift to your valentines this year from Unity Farm, located in Charlotte, VT

Free subscriber perks just for your Valentine:

Receive special subscriber perks with the purchase of either the Bouquet Subscription or the Flower Share Membership.

Free Farm Tour

Come to our free farm tour, led by owner Cathy Wells. There will be two dates, one in June and one in August. Come enjoy our fields of blooms, learn more about the farm, take some pictures and soak in the love! Dates will be announced in advance through our weekly newsletter

Weekly Newsletter

Keep up to date with weekly farm news, information about how to keep your bouquets looking fabulous, important dates, early bird announcements about our dahlia tuber sales and other goodies.

Free Workshop on Flower Arranging

make your own arrangement from Unity Farm flowers and learn some tricks of the trade from one of our talented floral designers. Dates to be determined for July and September – look for announcements in our newsletter.

Unity Farm flower share bouquet 7

Bouquet Subscription

Why give flowers just once. Unity Farm Bouquet Subscriptions are a great gift idea that keeps giving week after week!

Unity Farm flower share membership flowers

Flower Share Membership

A flower share membership is a popular way to buy credits for flower purchases, and gain access to membership market day

Only want 1 bouquet?

Unity Farm sells bouquets at local stores as well. Find a location near you.

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