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What is a flower share?

A flower share is a popular way to have fresh flowers on a weekly basis over a period of time. When you buy a share, you are investing in the farm that is growing the flowers. You provide capital up front that helps support the farmer’s expenses in the beginning of the growing season. This also helps the farmer plan for what will be planted that season.

When is the flower share?

Unity Farm is offering 5 flower share options for 2020.

  • New Spring Bulb Share
    (month of May, 4 weeks)
  • New DIY Bucket Share
    (June-July, 8 weeks)
  • Summer Share
    (June-July, 8 weeks)
  • Fall Share
    (August-September, 8 weeks)
  • Combined Summer and Fall Share
    (June-September, Discounted rate for 16 weeks)

How does it work?

You will need to sign up for what share you want, where you want to pick it up, and pay with the secure online credit card form. We have a couple of pickup locations for your convenience, with a day/time specific to that location. You will get a locally grown, high quality, fresh, beautiful market bouquet, or DIY bucket and Unity Farm will get the satisfaction of sharing our love of flowers with the community.

Only want 1 bouquet?

Unity Farm sells bouquets at local stores as well. Find a location near you. Find a location near you.



Now taking orders for 2020.

Bring the beauty of nature into your home, office, or place of business with a Flower Share subscription for Unity Farm. Each week you will receive a fresh, hand picked, long lasting and beautiful market bouquet, or DIY bucket. All flowers are certified organic, and grown here in Charlotte, Vermont.

New this year! DIY Flower Bucket CSA. Perfect for the creative person who likes to do things themselves. Each week you will receive a bucket with a mix of focal and filler flowers and foliage. Each bucket will have enough stems to create 1 large bouquet or a few small ones. 

Gift certificates are available, just request when you sign up. Please be sure to note when you pay, the recipient’s name and contact information so we can send them our weekly newsletter.

Unity Farm Flower Shares are a great gift idea that keeps giving week after week!

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*CSA purchase is nonrefundable.