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What is a Flower Share Membership?

A flower share membership is a popular way to buy credits for flower purchases. As a member you get access to membership market day, allowing you to choose from a great selection of freshly harvested flowers. Each time you make a purchase we will keep track of the remaining credit. If you run out of credit before the end of the season you can purchase another share. There are no limits to the amount of shares you can purchase. If you haven’t used up your share by the end of the season, you can roll it over into the next one, 2 seasons max.

How does it work?

Become a member by purchasing a share from our website. Shares can be used to purchase flowers at our farm. The share gives you the flexibility of getting flowers when you want them, without having to commit to every week. Only members can come to the farm on our membership market day, so you will have a great selection to choose from!
  1. Purchase a share from our website.
  2. Visit the farm on membership market day during the flower season between 9:00am and 1:00pm every Friday.
  3. Choose from a wide variety of flowers freshly harvested and sold by the stem or bunch. Our flowers have a long vase life and smell wonderful. There are focals, fillers and foliage to choose from. The flowers are preharvested (not cut to order from the field).
  4. Stop by every Friday, or not. You aren’t required to come if you are busy or on vacation.

If you want to know what’s available for the week, sign up for our popular “What’s in Bloom” newsletter by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

When does the flower share membership start?

Our flower season usually goes from late May through early October (we’ll let you know by email when we start!). You can purchase a share any time during the year.

Flower Share Membership vs. Bouquet Subscription?

A flower share allows you to use your credit as you wish. You have a wide selection of flowers to choose from and you can get as many as you like.  You aren’t required to come every week, so if you are on vacation or can’t come for some reason, you won’t miss out.  And, it’s great for when you have a special event or need extra flowers!

Want specific flowers for weddings or events?

Check out our DYI flower option for weddings and events.

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Buying a Flower Share Membership gives you the flexibility of using your share whenever you want and how much you want during our flower season. When your share is used up, you can always get a new one. It’s like a Unity Farm Flower Share gift card!

New for 2022!
With your Flower Share Membership, you’ll also get some special perks just for

Free Farm Tour – You are invited to come to our free farm tour, led by owner Cathy Wells. There will be two dates, one in June and one in August. Come enjoy our fields of blooms, learn more about the farm, take some pictures and soak in the love! Dates will be announced in advance through our weekly newsletter.

Weekly Newsletter – Keep up to date with weekly farm news, information about how to keep your bouquets looking fabulous, important dates, early bird announcements about our dahlia tuber sales and other goodies.

Free Workshop on Flower Arranging – make your own arrangement from Unity Farm flowers and learn some tricks of the trade from one of our talented floral designers. Dates to be determined for July and September – look for announcements in our newsletter.

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