Local Organic Greens

Enjoy the fresh wholesome taste of Unity Farm Organic Greens year round. Grown locally in Charlotte, Vermont and Certified Organic by Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF).

Unity Farm grows the majority of their greens in hoophouses from September through May. Growing in the colder months ensures brighter color and sweeter taste due to the cold temperatures.

Unity Farm works with local stores and restaurants to offer products that complement both the store and their customers. They provide many types of organic greens, available bagged and in bulk.

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Picked fresh for each delivery

Freshly picked greens stay better longer, which is why we go out of our way to harvest our greens the day of or the day before delivery.

Types of greens available

Chard: Available by the bunch.

Kale: Available by the bunch. Our popular “Lil Shorties Kale” are the smaller leaves of the kale plant which are especially sweet and crisp and great for stir fry, smoothies, or cut up in salads. “Lil Shorties” are available in 1/2 pound cellophane bags.

Lettuce: Up to 10 varieties depending on the time of year. We sell leaf lettuce only and sell it in bulk.

Arugula: Available in bulk.

Parsley: Sold by the bunch.

Asian and mustard greens: Most of our greens are grown for our Custom Salad Blend, but upon request we will sell as bunches if available.

Spinach: Available fall and spring. Sold in 1/2-pound cellophane bags or in bulk.

Custom salad blend: is a very popular mix of lettuce, asian and mustard greens, and baby veggie leaves sold in 1/2 pound cellophane bags.

Special Events

Need some greens for a wedding, or a party? Unity Farm offers certified organic greens for special events. Call (914) 703-1328 for a quote and more information.

*Orders must be placed at least 1 week in advance

Store Locations

Healthy Living Market
222 Dorset Street,
South Burlington, VT 05403

Lantman’s Market
10681 Rt 116
Hinesburg, VT 05461
(802) 482-2361

Shelburne Market
20 Shelburne Shopping Park
Shelburne. VT 05482
(802) 985-8520


Starry Night Cafe
5371 Rt. 7
Ferrisburg, VT

     716 Pine Street
     Burlington, VT  05401
     (802) 489 – 5102