Unity Farm

Welcome to Unity Farm

Where we grow with nature

Unity Farm is a small certified organic farm located at 200 Higbee Road, Charlotte, VT. They provide high quality certified organic greens year round to local stores and restaurants. Unity Farm also provides seasonal flowers to flower designers, and direct sale to their customers through a flower share CSA and DIY flowers for events and weddings


Wholesale to local stores. See purchase locations.


Catering to Floral Designers. Flower share CSA available.

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We hate to admit it but the late summer/fall flowers are letting us know fall is coming. #snowonthemountain #zinnias #rudbeckia #strawflower #unityfarmflowers #flowersharecsa #fullharvest
Think minty! That frosty tinge and amazing smell cools you off even on a sauna day😎#foliagefillers #unityfarmflowers #vermontflowers #wishyoucouldsmellthis
Years ago I had a resale/reuse business in Chicago and learned how to look at things beyond their original purpose. Comes in handy when farming! For example, this cress was intended to be used green, but look how cool it is dried!😃 As many of the flowers are starting to seed, we’re looking at them from a different perspective. Coreopsis seeds are a beautiful red, many flowers have awesome pods and if the petals on the echinacea are done, the centers make great boutonnièrs! #secondgoround #vermontflowerfarming #unityfarmflowers #secondchances #seedsandpodsaresocool #artisticexpression