Sleigh rides and wagon rides horse-drawn
Unity Farm Charlotte Vermont BIG component of the farm are our four English Shire draft horses. Pete, Jaguar, General, and Rocket are active members of the farm team. They do everything from mowing and raking their own hay to discing, seeding, plowing, clearing brush and hauling to giving wagon and sleigh rides. You may have enjoyed a ride with us in the past at Burger Night/Bread and Butter Farm, or for apple picking at Shelburne Orchards. We also help with sleigh rides at Shelburne Farms. This year we are offering sleigh rides at Unity Farm! Click here to learn how to schedule a horse-drawn sleigh or wagon ride

The horses take their jobs very seriously. They are bred to work, and get cranky when there’s nothing to do and they get bored. We can use them to do almost everything on the farm except for fine tilling the soil and making the beds for the crops. It can be more of a challenge for us to work them in with weather conditions, but the benefit from no gas used and less soil compaction is worth it. And, the pleasure of working as a team with fellow creatures gives us a greater sense of satisfaction than if we had used the tractor.

Click here to see the horses at work