Sleigh rides and wagon rides horse-drawn
Unity Farm Charlotte Vermont
the english shire breed is reputed to be the largest horse breed in the world. Our boys weigh in between 1700 – 2000 pounds, and are from 18.2 – 19.3 hands high at their shoulders. That’s big! Shires are renowned for being good natured and hard working. Here is a little info about “our boys”.
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Pete Jaguar General Rocket
Pete was bred and born in England and truly represents the stout Shire line with his big barrel chest and thick neck. His tail is so large we have to braid it in order to get it through his harness strap! He is a very hard worker and was our go-to lead horse until he fractured a bone in his left hind leg in 2014. It’s taking a long time to heal, so he is on vacation until the bone completely mends. Pete will be 17 in 2016. Jaguar was bred and born in Ocala, Florida, and will be 14 in 2016. We call him our “Zen” horse, because he has one speed, which is a slow walk. That makes him a great teammate for plowing, logging and anything that needs a slow, steady pace. Jaguar is the Houdini of the four and has an uncanny knack of opening up stall doors if we forget to put the extra latch on. General was also bred and born in England. He was a show ring horse before he came to our farm, and still loves to step out strong with his legs prancing. He is the smallest of the four boys, but he is the leader. He can make any of the other horses move with just one lift of his white lashed eye. If we want to go anywhere quickly, we use Pete and General because they are “type A” workers. General turns 15 in 2016. Rocket is the youngest of the four and will be 10 in 2016. He was a stallion until he was five years old, so he wasn’t able to hang out with the other horses in Ocala, Florida, where he was born and raised. When he came to Unity Farm he had just become a gelding and was looking for a friend. He and General are best friends. They eat together, sleep together and basically do everything together. Rocket is very good natured and is easy to team up with any of the other horses because he adjusts his speed to match whoever he’s with.